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New Motor Installation Services

A motor is no less important in the context of a garage door than a spring. What does it do, you may ask? It performs the mammoth task of serving as an opener for the door and if this motor has gone bad or stopped functioning, then your automatic door may very well be as good as nothing. Hunts Point Garage Door Repair have been dealing with garage door motor issues for time immemorial and the second you give us a call is the very second you should just stop worrying. If you look at it, the machinery engulfing the motor can seem very complicated and overwhelming but that worry should not be yours, let it be ours. You can go ahead and attend to the pile of clothes sitting on your sofa while we take proper care of your opener. If it has a fault, we will solve it. If it is entirely faulty, we will replace it.

If your problem is not your motor and instead it is garage door-centric, please proceed to our new door installation services. You could be facing any number of problems and we will stop at nothing to find the root and nip it in the bud. Our specific page for these services will provide you more details.

If any queries or confusions are bothering you, please go to our contact us page.

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